About Us
“Popov – S.I.E.” LTD established on 14th February 1994 is specialized in the manufacturing of a wide range of men’s overcoat with the trademark “ ELITE Collection”. The company is quickly developing and corresponding to the demanding market, which leads to the production of high quality clothing. “Popov – S.I.E.” LTD is the first private Bulgarian company to use CAD/CAM system for nesting, grading and defining of production cuttings.

Progressive technologies, modern material and technical base


​Because of the constant increase of production and the improvement of the special equipment, the company had to ensure better working environment for its employees. This was made possible by construction of new manufacturing building.

In the company are working qualified and experienced specialists, who together with the modern and highly productive equipment guarantee the top quality of the production. The company has its own manufacturing, store and commercial base and opens new vacancies for young specialists willing to work in this field.

Strict quality control, implementation of quality management systems.


​The workers are provided with three modern changing rooms with individual cabinets for all kinds of sanitary facilities, canteens and resting places.

It is equipped with television, air conditioning, internet, bathrooms and everything needed for the convenience of living there. The rest has its own transportation to and from the workplace.

In 2019 was held a BSCI audit which was successfully completed.